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Clear Ballot Offers Solution to COVID-19’s Disruption of 2020 Elections

States have already been forced to postpone primaries or change voting methods, as voting in person could truly be a life-or-death choice. Clear Ballot is willing and ready to step up to help states meet these challenges and is uniquely qualified to do so as the industry-leader in paper ballot and vote-by-mail technology. 


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Solutions for election administrators


ClearVote is a proven vote-by-mail solution, we save time and money by improving processes in vote-by-mail states.

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In-Person Voting

ClearVote's modern technology, small footprint, and ease of use make it the ideal voting solution for Election Day.

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Election Analysis

Clear Ballot specializes in post-election analysis improving transparency and confidence in elections.

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Press Release

New York City Selects Clear Ballot to Audit Elections

Clear Ballot announced today that the New York City Board of Elections selected Clear Ballot as their post-election audit system. New York City will use Clear Ballot’s audit technology to do the state’s required 3% audit of their election. New York City will begin using the Clear Ballot system in 2020 elections.  

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ClearVote in Pierce County

This video is an overview of the ClearVote solution in Pierce County, Washington. Pierce has been a customer since 2017 and improves the county's transparency and confidence in election results. 

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