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ClearVote is a proven vote-by-mail solution, we save time and money by improving processes in vote-by-mail states.

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In-Person Voting

ClearVote's modern technology, small footprint, and ease of use make it the ideal voting solution for Election Day.

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Election Analysis

Clear Ballot specializes in post-election analysis improving transparency and confidence in elections.

ClearVote 1.5 with EAC
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Newest Version of ClearVote Federally Certified by the Election Assistance Commission

BOSTON, MA – Clear Ballot announced today that the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) has federally certified ClearVote 1.5. As Clear Ballot continues to expand to more states, like Ohio and Pennsylvania, additional features are incorporated with valuable customer feedback.  

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ClearVote in Pierce County

This video is an overview of the ClearVote solution in Pierce County, Washington. Pierce has been a customer since 2017 and improves the county's transparency and confidence in election results. 

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