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To our election partners

Thank You

Thank you for your work to make this election successful. Clear Ballot – and more importantly, our democracy – depends on you, your staff, your volunteers, and your commitment to making elections work. 

This election cycle, we all dealt with new challenges. Despite the hurdles, every step of the way, all of our partners met those challenges and worked with us through increased pressure and scrutiny to make sure every vote was counted.

We hope the transparency that our technology and products provide boosts confidence in your process and increases trust between your offices and your voters. Like all of you, we believe that transparent elections are good for everyone. And when the attention dims, we know you continue this work that our country relies on – every week, all year long.

On behalf of all of Clear Ballot, thank you for your integrity and your dedication. We look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.

Bob Hoyt
Clear Ballot CEO

Customer Spotlight

One key county in Pennsylvania braces for huge increase of mail-in ballots

Bucks County, outside of Philadelphia, is the fourth largest in Pennsylvania. Like the rest of the state, it is bracing for a massive increase in mail-in ballots. CBS News highlighted the partnership between Bucks County and Clear Ballot. We are scaling central count operations together to prepare for November and improve voter confidence.

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Solutions for election administrators


ClearVote is a proven vote-by-mail solution, we save time and money by improving processes in vote-by-mail states.

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In-Person Voting

ClearVote's modern technology, small footprint, and ease of use make it the ideal voting solution for Election Day.

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Election Analysis

Clear Ballot specializes in post-election analysis improving transparency and confidence in elections.

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Press Release

Clear Ballot Offers Solution to COVID-19’s Disruption of 2020 Elections

States have already been forced to postpone primaries or change voting methods, as voting in person could truly be a life-or-death choice. Clear Ballot is willing and ready to step up to help states meet these challenges and is uniquely qualified to do so as the industry-leader in paper ballot and vote-by-mail technology. 


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