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ClearVote is a proven vote-by-mail solution, we save time and money by improving processes in vote-by-mail states.

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ClearVote's modern technology, small footprint, and ease of use make it the ideal voting solution for Election Day.

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Clear Ballot specializes in results verification, improving transparency and confidence in elections.

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Press Release

Clear Ballot Technology Supports Successful, Transparent Elections in Six States

Clear Ballot’s ClearVote voting system was successfully used for 2021 elections in Colorado, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

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Customer Spotlight

One key county in Pennsylvania braces for huge increase of mail-in ballots

Bucks County, outside of Philadelphia, is the fourth largest in Pennsylvania. Like the rest of the state, it is bracing for a massive increase in mail-in ballots. CBS News highlighted the partnership between Bucks County and Clear Ballot. We are scaling central count operations together to prepare for November and improve voter confidence.

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