State of Vermont

490,000 registered voters

"Voting is one of the most important responsibilities and privileges that comes with being a citizen. Ensuring the election process is both honest and accurate is as important as voting itself."

Secretary of State, Jim Condos

The state of Vermont has been a ClearAudit customer since 2014, when Secretary Jim Condos decided to conduct an election audit of six towns in the state, increasing transparency and confidence in the election results. The audit was a 50% increase from previous audits. Since 2014 Vermont has continued to conduct election audits with ClearAudit.

After the election, results of all races from six towns are audited using the ClearAudit technology. Ballots are scanned and re-tabulated to produce an independent count from each town to compare the results reported using the vote tabulators on Election Day.

ClearAudit gives Vermont the ability to audit every race from each town rather than only a race or two, which was how it was done in the past. Additionally, the ability to view scanned images of the processed ballots to understand why a vote was counted in a certain way gives a new level of transparency. 

Secretary Condos said, "conducting the random audit of vote tabulator results is an integral part of performing checks and balances of our voting system."