Worried about running your elections amid COVID-19?

In a few short years, Clear Ballot has become the leader in election innovation. Our patented software has brought the speed, accuracy, and transparency that the election industry lacked. Now the fastest growing elections company in the country, Clear Ballot is #1 in market share in multiple states and was named to the GovTech 100 list in 2018 and 2019. Clear Ballot’s election software is used to streamline election administration processes and has strengthened confidence in jurisdictions across Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Florida. 

Key Responsibilities  

Clear Ballot is seeking a Director of Engineering to help lead our software engineering team.  In this  role, you’ll:   

  • Mentor and develop Software Engineers and Senior Software Engineers as their people manager.  

  • Build our team by sourcing and recruiting excellent software engineers who are passionate about our mission.  

  • Lead the software engineering team's effort to create, scope, and prioritize a technical strategy that fulfills our vision of modular, secure, resilient, and platform-agnostic software supported by high levels of build and test automation. 

  • Collaborate with our Product Management team to balance business needs and technical investment to drive long-term increases in the value we provide our customers. 

  • Work with team leads to divide our ambitious goals into achievable iterations of shippable software. 

  • Own a software delivery pipeline that allows us to predictably deliver high-quality software to county and state governments in time for their elections. 

  • Mentor Scrum team members on agile practices, including agile testing.  

Desired Skills and Experience  

Our  ideal Director of Engineering will have:  

  • Excellent software engineering skills, gained through 10+ years as a hands-on software engineer. Our code is Python and JavaScript, but your foundation in solid practices and patterns tells us more than your experience with specific languages.  

  • A passion for managing people, and 5+ years of experience doing it well, in an environment that values diversity and inclusion. 

  • An intuition for effective application of agile principles to novel situations, gained through many years of working with high-performing, self-organizing agile teams. 

  • Success delivering large projects through effective management of dependencies and timelines as well as excellent delegation. 

  • A track record as a highly collaborative, communicative teammate. 

Clear Ballot Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to diversity and inclusion and dedicated to professional development and advancement. We believe everyone deserves to work in a welcoming, respectful and considerate environment. We live by our values and hire accordingly.   

Are you  a hard worker, a self-starter, an optimist, and a  collaborator?  Most importantly,  are you  someone who shares our passion to employ technology to improve elections? If so,  we want to hear from you.   

Interested? Please email your resume and cover letter to careers@clearballot.com