Voices across the country are not equitable. Public trust in elections is challenged like never before. The elections technology market is an oligopoly that has stifled innovation. 

The odds are stacked, but Clear Ballot rises to the challenge with a simple goal: Let’s create technology that empowers our customers to improve democracy.

Elections are the cornerstone of our democracy, with voting being our greatest freedom. While most Americans across the country watch and read about elections, Clear Ballot lives them. A great election includes secure, reliable tabulation equipment, full transparency of the process, and the ability to audit the results. Our mission is to surpass those expectations in a way that will raise the bar for the entire election technology industry.

Key Responsibilities

Clear Ballot is seeking a Vice President of Software Engineering who will oversee the Software development of our voting system products.  In this role, you will:

  • Serve as the expert on all matters relating to Software Engineering and Security on the Clear Ballot Leadership Team, reporting directly to the CEO
  • Serve as the Chief Information Security Officer, and manage the Clear Ballot’s information security policy
  • Define and maintain a technical roadmap that equally prioritizes a customer-centric approach to building product features, product security and technical debt
  • Stay on top of technology trends and ensure that the ClearVote and ClearAudit roadmaps are executed on accordingly 
  • Oversee the management of the people, processes, and systems required to deliver the technology roadmap 
  • Foster career and personal development for individual contributors and managers within your organization 
  • Help clear obstacles to keep the software engineering team focused on on-time delivery
  • Be an advocate for superior quality in Clear Ballot’s product portfolio
  • Collaborate with executives across the company to achieve Clear Ballots mission and vision 
  • Build a culture that supports learning, collaboration, transparency and inclusiveness 
  • Retain and recruit top talent for the the Software Engineering and Security teams 
  • Maintain the budget for the Software Engineering and Security functions

Desired Skills and Experience  

Our ideal Vice President of Software Engineering will:  

  • 12+ years of experience working in Software development
  • 10+ years of managing a team (with some managerial experience during phases of high growth)
  • Experience serving as part of a company's core leadership team and presenting to the Board of Directors
  • A growth mindset that helps the leadership team maintain aggressive revenue growth year over year 
  • Strong communication and organizational skills with ability to communicate technical information to wide variety of audiences
  • Organized and detail-oriented with a strong work ethic and a willingness to go the extra mile
  • Maintain high ethical standards, integrity, credibility, and character in all situations

Clear Ballot Group, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to diversity and dedicated to professional development and advancement. We believe everyone deserves to work in a welcoming, respectful and considerate environment. We live by our values and hire accordingly.   

Our talented team and driven investors share a passion for solving problems and restoring confidence in America’s democratic process. We are looking for energetic professionals to join us in this mission.

Take a minute and ask yourself this question: Do you care about increasing transparency in elections, defending a fair democratic process, and innovating for public good? 

If the answer is a resounding "YES!", we want you to join our team. Send your resume to careers@clearballot.com, and we'll be in touch.