Accessible Voting

ClearAccess allows all voters to mark ballots privately and independently at the polling place. 

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The ballot marking device for all voters with an undifferentiated paper ballot.

accessible icon

Accessible interface

Utilize the Anywhere Ballot, an accessible solution developed by an EAC grant.

ClearAccess Anywhere ballot
ballot icon

Undifferentiated paper ballot

All voters end the voting process with a machine-marked paper ballot.

ClearAccess prints paper ballot
scaling letters

Adjustable graphic interface

Accommodate the needs of disabled voters with customizable settings.

ClearAccess customize settings
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Commercially available hardware support

Integrate different input devices for voter choice selection.

ClearAccess input devices
Ensuring Everyone Can Vote

ClearAccess in Action

Listen to a few short stories of how software and hardware work together to promote access and independence for all voters.

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