Independent, Automated Audit

ClearAudit offers much more than a post-election audit solution. It's the only system capable of tabulating other system's ballots to provide an independent comparison of results for purposes of post-election audits. 

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An auditing system that measures election performance in less time at lower cost

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Vote Visualization

Vote Visualization provides a new level of transparency for Election Officials ensuring every vote is counted as intended.

ClearAudit vote visualization
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Ballot inventory

All ballots are counted and labeled electronically in real-time, streamlining paper tracking processes.

ClearAudit card inventory
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Comparison of votes cast

Observe comparisons from the original voting system and our audit system, with clickable links to investigate inconsistencies.

ClearAudit Comparison of Votes
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Digital adjudication

Preserve voter intent by digitally adjudicating ballots and recording all changes.

ClearAudit adjudicating
Resolving a Close Race

ClearAudit in Leon County

ClearAudit software provides election officials with the tools needed to resolve all close contests quickly and easily through Vote Visualization. 

Trusted by election officials nation wide