Election Day Voting

ClearCast was designed with the poll worker in mind. Setting up and closing the polls is quick and easy with modern technology and simple on-screen prompts.

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The digital-scan, tabletop precinct tabulator

Ruler measuring ClearCast Icon

Compact and robust enclosure

The small footprint allows for inexpensive and simple transportation and storage. 

ClearCast measures 14.2" by 16" by 10.34"
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Responsive HD touchscreen

On-screen prompts are easy-to-navigate and customizable messaging minimizes voter errors.

ClearCast warning message
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Upgraded security

Encrypted hard drives and USB sticks bring a new level of security that exceeds current standards.

ClearCast security
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Scalable for every jurisdiction

With a high-speed scanner and two ballot box designs, ClearCast scales to jurisdictions of all sizes.

ClearCast with ballot bag

How to Vote on ClearCast

Voting on paper has never been easier! Watch this video to learn how to mark and cast your paper ballot on ClearCast. 

ClearCast in Sheboygan County