Our Commitment

Clear Ballot will continue to innovate and raise the bar with modern election technology to support secure, transparent, accessible, and auditable elections.


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Closed Network

All of Clear Ballot’s certified products operate on a closed and isolated wired network, never attached to modems, the Internet, WiFi, or Bluetooth. Network traffic is encrypted using algorithms recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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Safe Storage

The ClearVote system validates all election data, which is stored on encrypted USB drives and digitally signed, providing strong cryptographic guarantees of data integrity.

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Authorization and Threat Detection

Our software applies role-based access control to limit access to authorized users. Secure audit logs provide detailed records of activity.


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ClearVote captures high-quality digital images of voter-marked paper ballots, producing a redundant, efficient, and verifiable trail of voter intent, in addition to the original paper. Our capability to easily view ballots, tabulate votes, and analyze results provides the most auditable and transparent system in the industry.

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Clear Ballot's system preserves the original voter marks so administrators can validate the accuracy and reliability of election data, while maintaining ballot secrecy and voter anonymity. Our use of commercial, off-the-shelf components maximizes the availability of affordable replacement parts.

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Visual Verification

Clear Ballot’s visual verification technology provides election officials with the ability to validate voter intent and digitally adjudicate unreadable ballots by highlighting discrepancies and stray marks, including overvotes and undervotes.


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Original paper ballots are retained in secure storage, providing election officials with an additional layer of redundancy. Preserving these ballots while minimizing their physical handling mitigates the risk of human error and prevents malicious attacks.

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Paper ballots preserve a durable, tamper-evident record of voter intent. With Clear Ballot’s procedures for backup and storage-box labeling, it is always possible to revert to the last known good copy of the election database and re-scan ballots from that point forward.

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Modern Technology

ClearVote is the only federally certified voting system to incorporate modern and secure, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) technology, including updated operating system versions and security patches.


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Clear Ballot performs comprehensive quality assurance and acceptance testing prior to every release and continuously throughout the certification process. Before our system is deployed, we support our customers in logic and accuracy (L&A) testing, in compliance with certification and statutory requirements.

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Peer Review

Build procedures, development environments, and third-party dependencies are thoroughly documented and include independent compliance reviews and comprehensive security analyses.

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Clear Ballot is a registered manufacturer with the United States Election Assistance Commission (EAC). Our ClearVote suite is certified by the EAC in full compliance with the Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG), meeting stringent requirements for security, usability, and accessibility that are verified and tested by an independent Voting System Test Laboratory (VSTL). Our products are also certified by state election authorities in every state where they are used.


If you have a security issue to report to us, please email our security team at security@clearballot.com