Election Analysis

Bringing transparency and confidence to elections

Clear Ballot has pioneered the use of high resolution ballot images to offer independent auditing and election analysis for states and counties across the country. 

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Statewide Audit

Whether supporting an audit of re-scanned ballots or a 100% digital analysis, we offer transparency, accuracy and automation.

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Countywide Audit

We provide the only independent, automated comparison of election results increasing efficiencies in counties of all sizes.

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Central Count & Absentee

High-speed ballot-processing and easy-to-learn visual software improves central tabulation processes saving counties time and money.

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America's First 100% Statewide Audit

Increasing Confidence in Maryland

Clear Ballot partnered with Maryland to create a public portal where community members can view reports and Vote Visualization dashboards from the statewide audit for all twenty-four jurisdictions.