Independent Results Verification

VerifyNow offers much more than a post-election results verification solution. It's the only system capable of tabulating other systems’ ballots to provide an independent comparison of results for purposes of post-election review.

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A flexible system that offers results verification in less time at a lower cost

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Conduct an independent re-tabulation without having to physically rescan ballots, no matter if you had one close race or want a second verification of results.

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Vote Visualization

Innovative Vote Visualization™ technology ensures every vote is counted as intended.

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Digital Adjudication

Preserve voter intent by digitally adjudicating ballots and recording all changes without touching original paper ballots.

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Compare Results

Review comprehensive reports and interactive comparisons of the original voting system and VerifyNow.

ClearAudit Comparison of Votes
America's First 100% Statewide Audit

Increasing Confidence in Maryland

Clear Ballot partnered with Maryland to create a public portal where community members can view reports and Vote Visualization dashboards from the statewide audit for all twenty-four jurisdictions.