Independent, Comprehensive Results Verification

When you need the hardware to conduct results verification year after year, VerifyNow Pro offers you a complete post-election system with the same easy-to-use software and reader-friendly reports.

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A complete results verification system that fits into your post-election processes

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Vote Visualization

Innovative Vote Visualization™ technology ensures every vote is counted as intended.

ClearAudit vote visualization
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Ballot Inventory

Commercially available scanners ensure short rescanning times, and VerifyNow pinpoints where scanned ballots are located, right down to their position within each storage box.

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Results verification performed separately from your primary tabulation system provides a more detailed analysis of the election, giving you and your voters increased confidence in your results.

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With VerifyNow Pro, you own the hardware and retain permanent access to your previous ballot inventory. When the next election comes, you’re already set up and ready to go, making the process even smoother over time.

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Resolving a Close Race

Clear Ballot software provides election officials with the tools needed to resolve all close contests quickly and easily through Vote Visualization.